About Drop Shipping
A "Drop Ship" is the process of requesting that a manufacturer send a product directly from their warehouse to a customer. This method bypasses the step of having the manufacturer send the merchandise to the retailer and then having the retailer send the merchandise on to the customer. This process saves some time; anywhere from 1 day to 4 days of shipping time. HOWEVER, not all manufacturers will drop ship. Some companies insist on sending merchandise ONLY to a legitimate retailer. This helps them to protect their brand and their supply chain. Also, some companies are not set up to have enough computer power to maintain a database of sufficient size to keep records on all the addresses that might result from offering Drop Ship services. Those that do often charge extra for providing the service as this offsets the cost of additional computer storage and record keeping. This cost is passed on to you if you choose the Drop Ship option. You may select Drop Ship for: *Victorian Heart *Earth Rugs *PatchQuilts *Certain Other Custom or Special Order Goods You cannot get Drop Ship Services For: *C&F Enterprises *Donna Sharp If you would like a Drop Ship, but are uncertain if it is offered, select the option. If it is not possible, we will ship normally and deduct the fee at settlement. You can also call us at 573-435-6060 to see if Drop Ship is available for the product you want.