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Pillow Shams, Euro Shams, King Shams, Standard Shams, Quilted Sham

Quilted pillow shams in standard, king or euro are a beautiful way to finish your bed and protect your pillows at the sa​me time. Most quilts are not meant to cover your bed in the same way as an old fashioned bedspread, but act as more of a coverlet to your bedding. So to provide a finished look you should consider this standard accessory in addition to your sleep pillow and pillow cases. They come in several sizes. Standard fits a rectangular shaped pillow and usually measure 20 x 26 or 21 x 27. Euro fits a square pillow usually 26 x 26. King fits king a size pillow and usually measures about 21 x 37. Depending on your bed size, you may wish to use quilted king or quilted standard covers and dress up the bed even more by using the euro pillow style. There really is no right or wrong way, only your personal preference. Most people use the euro addition at the very back or headboard placing their choice of quilted standard or quilted king in front of the euro shams with their sleep pillows hidden beneath the covers. But it is really a matter of taste. King beds look just as nice with 3 quilted standard shams or 2 quilted king shams. Queen beds seldom need more then 2 standard shams and twin beds can use a single sham of either size. It is your bed, so decorate the way you like it!