Calla Angel is a rising star among luxury handmade cotton bedding collection manufacturers. The Calla Angel cotton bedding collection manufacturing facility opened in 1986 and has been supplying international luxury handmade cotton bedding collections for decades. Highly skilled craftsmen and women who have been making handmade cotton bedding for Calla Angel for decades are their most treasured asset, providing customers with the highest quality, fashionably quilted handmade cotton bedding collections to fulfill your personal needs.
Calla Angel believes that home decoration and beautifully handmade bedding collections make a powerful visual statement about your lifestyle. Your bedding collections are the most important decoration in your bedroom. Calla Angel designs their collections to highlight their customers' extraordinary tastes.  Their in-house bedding designers create inspired handmade patterns that combine timeless classic elements with current fashion ideas in an array of delightful colors. Well designed handmade cotton products for the home are more than just product, they are the Calla Angel passion!

Calla Angel works hard to provide bedding collections and quilts with exceptional quality, inspired bedding designs and an unbeatable price. Whether it is a machine sewn accessory or a handmade cotton quilt collection they control every aspect of their manufacturing process, selecting the highest quality materials and they inspect every sturdy woven stitch to ensure their customers sleep in style and comfort. We know you will love these cotton masterpieces in your home.

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Calla Angel Quilts, Handmade Cotton Bedding Collections

 Orchard Mist Quilt, Floral Bedding by Calla Angel

Calla Angel controls every single process in manufacturing their handmade, 100% cotton bedding collections. Each piece of each handmade cotton collection has to be inspected with a strict quality control process to ensure the finished products of this bedding are well constructed.  Calla Angel cotton quilt bedding collections are handmade by experts’ hands. Many of their specialists have been working in their own facility since it was founded 30 years ago.