You've probably been hearing buzz about the "modern" bedding movement. New fabrics, patterns, books, guilds, blogs and magazines dedicated to new styles seem to be popping up daily. This is the natural evolution in quilting and modern bedding is a simply reflection of one's own personality. While some of its roots are in rebellion and "break-the-rules" quilting techniques, the principles that define and guide this movement is beginning to shape the concept of bedding. In general, modern bedding would share some of these characteristics, to name just a few:

*Asymmetry in design
*Frequent use of improvisational piecing
*Bold modern colors, on-trend color combinations and graphic prints
*Increased use of solid colors, including grey and white as neutrals
*Simple, minimalist design using geometric shapes
*Less emphasis on block repetition
*Increased use of negative space in the bedding
*Designs exhibit influences of modern art and architecture
*Reinterpreted traditional bedding blocks
*Unconventional modern looking structures

Even with these seemingly modern approaches to bedding, it's easy to see how the modern bedding movement gathers inspiration from the past. The artistic, free-style piecing African American quilting, and solid color combinations of Amish quilt traditions are clearly influencing the movement, especially in Boho Chic styles.

Contemporary Bedding & Modern Quilts

Mazarine Bedding, Modern Flair
Mazarine Bedding, Modern Contemporary Flair

Adalynn QuiltAdalynn Quilt

Coral, Green, Yellow, Cream

Brice QuiltBrice Quilt

Blue & White

Colorful Feathers QuiltColorful Feathers Quilt
Multi Colors on Ivory
Emma QuiltEmma Quilt

Purple, Pink, Yellow, Green
Set (Includes shams)

Everly Quilt SetEverly Quilt Set

Bright Multi-Colored

Finn QuiltFinn Quilt

White, Blue-Grey, Clay

Geneva QuiltGeneva Quilt
Lavender, Indigo & Periwinkle
Harlow QuiltHarlow Quilt
White, Warm Taupe
Karina QuiltKarina Quilt

Teal, Marshmallow Cream

Kasbah QuiltKasbah Quilt
Turquoise, Green, Tan & Chocolate, Black
Lilly QuiltLilly Quilt
Pink, Orange, Purple, Yellow
On White
Mandalay QuiltMandalay Quilt
Ivory, Tan, Ruby Red
Mariposa Quilt SetMariposa Quilt Set

Marshmallow, Fuchsia, Multi

Mazarine QuiltMazarine Quilt
Cobalt Blue, Periwinkle & Charcoal
Montpellier QuiltMontpellier Quilt
Cream & Warm Taupe
Nadia QuiltNadia Quilt
Brown, Blue & Cream
Natasha Silver Cloud QuiltNatasha Silver Cloud Quilt

Grey Toned White

Natasha Warm TaupeNatasha Warm Taupe

Warm Taupe

Natasha Urban GreyNatasha Urban Grey

Medium Grey

Paloma Crimson QuiltPaloma Crimson Quilt

Crimson, Parchment

Paloma Indigo QuiltPaloma Indigo Quilt

Indigo, Parchment

Rochelle Quilt, AmethystRochelle Quilt, Amethyst
Rochelle Quilt, BoysenberryRochelle Quilt, Boysenberry


Rochelle Quilt, CremeRochelle Quilt, Creme


Rochelle Quilt, Lime SherbetRochelle Quilt, Lime Sherbet

Lime Green

Rochelle Quilt, RubyRochelle Quilt, Ruby

Ruby Red

Rochelle Quilt, Twilight BlueRochelle Quilt, Twilight Blue
Rochelle Quilt, GreyRochelle Quilt, Grey

Cool Grey

Ronaldo QuiltRonaldo Quilt
Muted Olive, Red, Brown
Rowan Quilt SetRowan Quilt Set

Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Carnelian,
Rich Red, Earth

Sabi Sands QuiltSabi Sands Quilt
Brown, Tan & Cream
Serendipity Green QuiltSerendipity Green Quilt
Spring Green, White
Shabby Chic Blue QuiltShabby Chic Blue Quilt
Dark & Light Blue, Green, Cream
Taylor QuiltTaylor Quilt

Multi Bright Colors

Tazzo QuiltTazzo Quilt
Multi, Green, Orange
Veda QuiltVeda Quilt
Orange, Cream, Green