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Solid Color & Matelasse Bedding

Adelia Apricot QuiltAdelia Apricot Quilt


Adelia Creme QuiltAdelia Creme Quilt
Adelia White QuiltAdelia White Quilt
Aubree Fog QuiltAubree Fog Quilt
Fog White
Aubree Parchment QuiltAubree Parchment Quilt
Off White/Cream
Aubree Sea Glass QuiltAubree Sea Glass Quilt
Aubree Smoke QuiltAubree Smoke Quilt
Smokey Grey
Aubree Stone QuiltAubree Stone Quilt
Aubree Taupe QuiltAubree Taupe Quilt
Bianca QuiltBianca Quilt

White Solid Color

Blue Shell QuiltBlue Shell Quilt

Caribbean Blue

Brick Matelasse QuiltBrick Matelasse Quilt

Deep, Dark True Red

Casey Fog QuiltCasey Fog Quilt
Fog White
Casey Parchment QuiltCasey Parchment Quilt
Parchment (Off-White)
Casey Sea Glass QuiltCasey Sea Glass Quilt
Casey Sea Glass Quilt, Solid Color Bedding by VHc BrandsBlue/Green
Casey Smoke QuiltCasey Smoke Quilt
Casey Stone QuiltCasey Stone Quilt
Casey Stone Quilt, Grey, Solid Color Bedding by VHc BrandsLight Grey
Casey Taupe QuiltCasey Taupe Quilt
Casey Taupe Quilt, Taupe solid Color Bedding by VHC BrandsWarm Taupe
Cheyenne American Red QuiltCheyenne American Red Quilt

Distressed Red

Chocolate Brown QuiltChocolate Brown Quilt

Chocolate Brown Solid Color

Colonial Blue QuiltColonial Blue Quilt

Dusty Wedgewood Blue

Cornsilk QuiltCornsilk Quilt

Solid Color, Camel/Gold

Country Idyl Quilt, Fog BlueCountry Idyl Quilt, Fog Blue
Country Idyl Quilt, IvoryCountry Idyl Quilt, Ivory
Country Idyl Quilt, Pacific BlueCountry Idyl Quilt, Pacific Blue
Sea Blue
Fern Crystal Quilt, LimeFern Crystal Quilt, Lime
Lime Green
Dream Waltz Quilt, IvoryDream Waltz Quilt, Ivory
Dream Waltz Quilt, FogDream Waltz Quilt, Fog
Dream Waltz Quilt, Pacific BlueDream Waltz Quilt, Pacific Blue Diamond Applique Quilt, FogDiamond Applique Quilt, Fog
Diamond Applique Quilt, IvoryDiamond Applique Quilt, Ivory Diamond Applique Quilt, Pacific BlueDiamond Applique Quilt, Pacific Blue
Ocean Blue
Eleanor Mauve QuiltEleanor Mauve Quilt
Dark Mauve
Eleanor Teal QuiltEleanor Teal Quilt
Deep Teal
Fern Crystal Quilt, BlackFern Crystal Quilt, Black
Fern Crystal Quilt, GraphiteFern Crystal Quilt, Graphite
Gray Black
Fern Crystal Quilt, KhakiFern Crystal Quilt, Khaki
Warm Khaki
Fern Crystal Quilt, WhiteFern Crystal Quilt, White
Reverses to Mint
Green QuiltGreen Quilt
Spring Green
Harbour Grey QuiltHarbour Grey Quilt
Solid Ash Grey
Harbour Navy QuiltHarbour Navy Quilt

Navy blue

Manchester Cement QuiltManchester Cement Quilt
Dark Grey
Jacqueline Matelasse QuiltJacqueline Matelasse Quilt
Very Light Cream
Manchester Ink QuiltManchester Ink Quilt
Dark Blue
Manchester Sandstone QuiltManchester Sandstone Quilt
Dark Taupe
Manchester White QuiltManchester White Quilt
Solid White
Mara Coral QuiltMara Coral Quilt
Solid Color Coral Bedding
Natasha Chateau Grey QuiltNatasha Chateau Grey Quilt
Light Grey
Natasha Pearl White QuiltNatasha Pearl White Quilt
Pearl White
Natasha Silver Cloud QuiltNatasha Silver Cloud Quilt
Grey Toned White
Natasha Warm TaupeNatasha Warm Taupe
Warm Taupe
Natasha Urban GreyNatasha Urban Grey
Medium Grey
Sage Garden Quilt, Light AquaSage Garden Quilt, Light Aqua
Light Aqua
Saint Fountain Quilt, Light AquaSaint Fountain Quilt, Light Aqua
Light Aqua
Sage Matelasse QuiltSage Matelasse Quilt
Deep Sage Green, Solid Color
Taupe Matelasse QuiltTaupe Matelasse Quilt
Very Light Warmer Taupe
Terra Cotta Matelasse QuiltTerra Cotta Matelasse Quilt
Terra Cotta, Solid Color
White Shell Matelasse QuiltWhite Shell Matelasse Quilt
White Solid Color