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Tobacco Cloth Natural Prairie Curtain By Victorian Heart

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VHC Brands (Victorian Heart)

....has fabulous primitive and country decor accessories? Victorian Heart is the industry leader for Tobacco Cloth and Burlap Decor. Check out the incredible selection and low prices from Victorian Heart today!

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VHC Brands Quilts & Bedding

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Vincent Quilt, Rustic Star Bedding by VHC Brands
*All Items Listed are available to Order.  

VHC Brands

Formerly Victorian Heart Quilts

Innovative Primitive, Classic & Country Bedding Sets

Victorian Heart sells classic, primitive bedding and country quilt sets that make perfect bedspreads for your cabin or home with accessories like rugs, draperies and dust skirts. If you are looking for Victorian Heart quilts for less of an investment, check out our Coupon special and take ANOTHER 15% off our already low sale prices. Choose from their 3 brand names; Ashton & Willow, Lasting Impressions Quilts or BT Home.

Abilene Star QuiltAbilene Star Quilt
Barn Red, Cream, Brown
Adelia Apricot QuiltAdelia Apricot Quilt

Adelia Creme QuiltAdelia Creme Quilt

Adelia White QuiltAdelia White Quilt
Adelia White Quilt, Colid Color Bedding by VHB Brands
Arlington QuiltArlington Quilt
Dark Navy, Tan
Black & Red
Ashmont QuiltAshmont Quilt
Kahaki, Blue, Gray, Cream
Aurora QuiltAurora Quilt
Marshmallow, Grey
Austin QuiltAustin Quilt
Red, Black and Tan Plaids
Barrington QuiltBarrington Quilt
Tan, Brown, Dark Sage
Beckham QuiltBeckham Quilt
Black, Gold, Rust
Bingham Star QuiltBingham Star Quilt
Tan, Black, Brown, Brick
Braxton QuiltBraxton Quilt

Navy, Apple Red, Natural

Breckenridge QuiltBreckenridge Quilt
Red, Light Khaki & Cream
Briar Azure QuiltBriar Azure Quilt
Azure Blue, Cream
Briar Sage QuiltBriar Sage Quilt
Cream, Green
Camille Blush Pink QuiltCamille Blush Pink Quilt
Blush Pink
Camille Mint QuiltCamille Mint Quilt
Mint Green
Carter QuiltCarter Quilt
Carter Quilt, Rustic Striped Bedding by VHc Brands
Navy, Red, White
Coal Creek QuiltCoal Creek Quilt
Dark Tan, Ink Black
Columbus QuiltColumbus Quilt
Green, Navy Blue
Dakota Star QuiltDakota Star Quilt
Black and Khaki
Danson Mill QuiltDanson Mill Quilt
Chocolate, Green, Natural
Dawson Star QuiltDawson Star Quilt

Khaki, Burgundy, Woodland Brown
Dean QuiltDean Quilt
Black, Chocolate, Tan, Cream
Elysee QuiltElysee Quilt
Black, Gray, Cream
Ethan QuiltEthan Quilt

Neutral Grey, Creme and Black
Everson QuiltEverson Quilt
Olive, Wine, Brown,
Tan, Off-white
Farmhouse Star QuiltFarmhouse Star Quilt
Black, Tan & Cream
Finley QuiltFinley Quilt
Blue Tan & Burgundy Plaids
Harbour Grey QuiltHarbour Grey Quilt

Solid Ash Grey
Harbour Navy QuiltHarbour Navy Quilt
Navy blue
Kettle Grove QuiltKettle Grove Quilt
Black & Tan Shades
Landon QuiltLandon Quilt
Khaki, Brown, Brick
Lewiston QuiltLewiston Quilt
Old Gold, Tea Stain, Dark Red
Dark Blue, Neutrals, Burlap 
Lincoln QuiltLincoln Quilt

Denim Blue, Ruby Red, and Tan
Millsboro QuiltMillsboro Quilt

Brick, Navy, Tan
Montgomery QuiltMontgomery Quilt
Olive, Tan
Ninepatch Star QuiltNinepatch Star Quilt
Burgundy, Tan
Parker QuiltParker Quilt

Quilt Colors: Burgundy, Navy, Natural
Patriotic Patch QuiltPatriotic Patch Quilt
Cranberry, Navy, Tan
Prescott QuiltPrescott Quilt
Browns, Tans & Neutrals
Rochelle Quilt, BoysenberryRochelle Quilt, Boysenberry
Rochelle Quilt, CremeRochelle Quilt, Creme
Rochelle Quilt, GreyRochelle Quilt, Grey
Cool Grey
Rochelle Quilt, RubyRochelle Quilt, Ruby
Ruby Red
Rosaline QuiltRosaline Quilt

Ivory, Sage, Toffee, Saffron, Cinnamon
Image courtesy Country Sampler Magazine
Stratton QuiltStratton Quilt
Tan, Olive, Red, Black
Tacoma QuiltTacoma Quilt
Red, Brown, Cream
Tallmadge QuiltTallmadge Quilt
Green, Tan & Brown
Taylor QuiltTaylor Quilt

Multi Bright Colors
Set (includes shams)
Tea Cabin QuiltTea Cabin Quilt
Green, Gold, Brown
Teton Star QuiltTeton Star Quilt
Navy and Khaki
Vincent QuiltVincent Quilt

Khaki, Deep Red, Navy Blue