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Barrington Bedding

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This quilt bedding in a patchwork design by VHC Brands is a great selection for a primitive themed room using rustic country patchwork in the soft shades of autumn so inspired by nature. It is 100% premium cotton and is from the Lasting Impressions collection. This bedding has lovely scalloped edges and is a hand quilted patchwork design using detailed piecework with "stitch in the ditch" quilting. VHC Brands has provided lots of patchwork and fabric accessories for the bedding pattern that is not only for the bedroom but your kitchen as well. This includes both standard and luxury (king) shams, window treatments and wonderful patchwork pillows, plus a unique a stenciled pillow with a buck on burlap. Even matching pillowcases and a variety of tabletop items like placemats and runners are available in several styles!
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16" Throw Pillow Insert-Basics16" Throw Pillow Insert-Basics
Desgined for pillows
16-17" Square
(5) Available Now
Barrington Balloon Valances Lined 60x15"Barrington Balloon Valances Lined 60x15"
Barrington Kilim Rug Rect 24x36"Barrington Kilim Rug Rect 24x36"
24 x 36
Special Order
Barrington Kilim Rug Rect 24x48"Barrington Kilim Rug Rect 24x48"
24 x 48
Special Order
Barrington Kilim Rug Rect 36x60"Barrington Kilim Rug Rect 36x60"
36 x 60
Special Order
Barrington Kilim Rug Rect 48x72"Barrington Kilim Rug Rect 48x72"
48 x 72
Special Order
Barrington King Bed Skirt 78x80x16"Barrington King Bed Skirt 78x80x16"
Barrington King QuiltBarrington King Quilt
110 x 97
Barrington Luxury King QuiltBarrington Luxury King Quilt
120 x 105
Barrington Panel Lined Set of 2-40x84"Barrington Panel Lined Set of 2-40x84"
Barrington Pillow Case Set of 2-21x30"Barrington Pillow Case Set of 2-21x30"
Barrington Prairie Curtain Lined Set of 2-63x36x18"Barrington Prairie Curtain Lined Set of 2-63x36x18"
Barrington Prairie Swag Lined Set of 2-36x36x18"Barrington Prairie Swag Lined Set of 2-36x36x18"
Barrington Queen Bed Skirt 60x80x16"Barrington Queen Bed Skirt 60x80x16"
Barrington Queen QuiltBarrington Queen Quilt
94 x 94
Barrington Quilted Euro Sham 26x26"Barrington Quilted Euro Sham 26x26"
Barrington Quilted Filled Throw Pillow, 16x16Barrington Quilted Filled Throw Pillow, 16x16
Insert included
Barrington Quilted Luxury Sham 21x37"Barrington Quilted Luxury Sham 21x37"
Barrington Quilted Throw Pillow 10x10"Barrington Quilted Throw Pillow 10x10"
Includes insert

Barrington Sham Euro Fabric 26x26"Barrington Sham Euro Fabric 26x26"
Barrington Shower Curtain Burlap with StencilBarrington Shower Curtain Burlap with Stencil
Barrington Swag Lined Set of 2-36x36x16"Barrington Swag Lined Set of 2-36x36x16"
Barrington Twin QuiltBarrington Twin Quilt
70 x 90
Barrington Valances Lined 16x72"Barrington Valances Lined 16x72"
Barrington Valances with Block Border Lined 16x72"Barrington Valances with Block Border Lined 16x72"