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Independence Bedding
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Celebrate patriotic décor with our USA flag-inspired Independence patchwork quilt. The stars and stripes are prominently featured in the quilt center with a reverse seam construction for added effect. Border and reverse are a large blue and tan plaid. Outward facing patch stars are in each corner. Cotton fabrics.
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Independence 1776 Throw Pillow, 12x12Independence 1776 Throw Pillow, 12x12
12 x 12
Independence Bell Throw Pillow, 12x12Independence Bell Throw Pillow, 12x12
Independence Blessed Pillow, 14x18Independence Blessed Pillow, 14x18
14 x 18
Independence Flag Filled Throw Pillow, 14x18Independence Flag Filled Throw Pillow, 14x18
Independence King Bed SkirtIndependence King Bed Skirt
78 x 80 x 16
Independence King QuiltIndependence King Quilt
Independence Luxury King QuiltIndependence Luxury King Quilt
Independence Luxury ShamIndependence Luxury Sham
Independence Queen Bed SkirtIndependence Queen Bed Skirt
60 x 80 x 16
Independence Queen QuiltIndependence Queen Quilt
Independence Quilted Throw BlanketIndependence Quilted Throw Blanket
60 x 50
Independence Rectangular Placemat Set of 6Independence Rectangular Placemat Set of 6
Independence Runner, 13x36Independence Runner, 13x36
Independence Runner, 13x48Independence Runner, 13x48
Independence Scalloped DrapesIndependence Scalloped Drapes
84 x 40; Set of 2
Independence Scalloped Prairie CurtainIndependence Scalloped Prairie Curtain
63 x 36 x 18; Set of 2
Independence Scalloped Prairie SwagIndependence Scalloped Prairie Swag
36 x 36 x 18; Set of 2
Independence Scalloped Short DrapesIndependence Scalloped Short Drapes
63 x 36; Set of 2
Independence Scalloped SwagIndependence Scalloped Swag
36 x 36 x 16; Set of 2
Independence Scalloped Table Cloth, 60x102Independence Scalloped Table Cloth, 60x102
Independence Scalloped Table Cloth, 60x60Independence Scalloped Table Cloth, 60x60
Independence Scalloped Table Cloth, 60x80Independence Scalloped Table Cloth, 60x80
Independence Scalloped Tier 24 x 36Independence Scalloped Tier 24 x 36
24 x 36; Set of 2
Independence Scalloped Tier 36 x 36Independence Scalloped Tier 36 x 36
36 x 36; Set of 2
Independence Scalloped ValanceIndependence Scalloped Valance
16 x 72
Independence Standard ShamIndependence Standard Sham
Independence Star Throw Pillow, 12x12Independence Star Throw Pillow, 12x12
12 x 12
Independence Twin Bed SkirtIndependence Twin Bed Skirt
39 x 76 x 16
Independence Twin QuiltIndependence Twin Quilt
Independence Watermelon Throw Pillow, 10x12Independence Watermelon Throw Pillow, 10x12
10 x 12