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Stitch in the Ditch Quilting: 
Stitch in the ditch is a quilting method that minimizes how much thread shows on the top of the quilt. It is achieved by quilting with a very fine or monofilament thread in the seam lines of a quilt, very close to the side of the seam with less seam allowance underneath. This makes it nearly invisible on the top of the quilt, while securing all three layers (top,fill and bottom) of the quilt sandwich.  

Echo Quilting: 
Echo quiltiing forms an outline, usually applied to applique on a quilt. The applique or section to be highlighted is quilted-in-the-ditch. Then, following stitching line, a second stitch placed parallel to the first line. This is repeated for multiple stitch lines with the same spacing distance between them, creating a highlight to the section.