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Frequently Asked Questions

Price Match Guarantee

We will match the best price on any order, if possible. The order will be matched to the same exact items from any single site, including that site's shipping fees, if any.  We do not allow what is called "cherry picking". You cannot pick the best item price from multiple sites to come up with a price match. You can call or write to us to request a price match to any single site. Price matches are good only for the day of order. We cannot match to a past price on a site. 

What if I am not happy with my purchase?

Please read our policy located in the menu at the top of each page. Please make sure you first complete the return authorization form. Unauthorized returns may not be accepted. We do not charge a restocking fee.  However, the true cost of shipping will be deducted from your refund to cover shipping & handling.  Shipping & handling covers the cost of the acutal shipment, materials and labor to process your order out and in, plus fees charged to us by your credit card company or paypal for processing your order. These processing fees run between 6-8% on every order, depending upon payment method as credit card companies now charge processing fees on BOTH charges and credits.  

What are your store hours?

Our store staff are available from 8am-6pm Central Time, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. We are also available 12 pm-6pm on Saturday. We are closed on Wednesday & Sunday. Our occasional days off will be posted on the home page. 

I cannot find a price or can't add to cart!

The product may be temporarily unavailable or discontinued. Please call us for more information.

What are the dimensions of quilts?

Quilts can vary widely by manufacturer. The best thing to do is go by the dimensions of your bed, which can also vary. When the bed is stripped, measure the length from left to right on the bed, then head to foot. Quilts are defined first from the left to right and then from head to foot. So a quilt that measures 100 x 90, will mean 100" from left to right and then 90" from the head to foot of the bed. If you want a quilt that will cover the bed, have an appropriate overhang and still fold up over the pillows you must make sure that you have enough length in the appropriate direction. Let's say you aren't concerned with the pillows being covered, because you plan to have pillow shams at the top. If you have a king bed that measures 76 x 80 when stripped and you want to have at least a 14" drop on the edges all around; since you will probably not be concerned about the part of the bed under the shams, then your quilt will need to be about 104 x 94 (76+14+14 for the width) and (80+14 from head to foot). Because the pillow sham plus your sleep pillows will usually cover anywhere from 2-6 inches at the top, most quilts 105 x 95 or better will work fine for you. If you need specifics for your bed, please do call us at 573-435-6060 and we'll try to help you estimate!

How do I call you toll free? I don't see an 800 number.

We don't currently have an 800 number, however, we'll be happy to call you! Please send an email to cat_bat@msn.com with your number and information on what you are looking for. We'll be happy to call you back promptly!  

Special Order Items

Some items on the site are considered special order or custom.  Once ordered from the manufacturer, these special items are generally non-cancellable and non-returnable, unless defective.

What are your shipping charges?

Please click on the shipping page in the top menu for the most recent information. Shipping charges may change without notice.  When we offer free shipping, this applies to a single shipment. At times, it makes sense for us to ship your order in multiple shipments. If we do this, there is no additional shipping charge to you. However, if we plan to ship complete and you request multiple shipments, additional charges may apply, regardless of your order size. Please see the shipping page for the most current information. 

Do you charge shipping for back orders?

We do not ordinarily charge shipping for items that have been backordered. If you original order received free shipping, we may hold the order until complete or ship as available. This is at our discretion and we would never charge you for that choice. However, if you request the items be shipped as available on free shipping orders, shipping charges will apply. 


We allow you to choose whether or not you wish to have your shipment insured. Some folks always insure, others believe it isn't necessary. Selecting insurance protects you in the event your shipment is lost, damaged or stolen in transit. If you choose not to be insured and your order is lost damaged or stolen, we can only replace or refund up to the amount covered by the shipper, if basic insurance is offered by that carrier. Although we recommend you select insurance, you may decline by checking the appropriate box on your order form. We cannot remove or add insurance on your order after it is placed.

What if I do not want to pay by credit card?

You can also pay by using PayPal or using your debit card.  Debit cards work much like credit cards and are entered the same way, however your bank may withhold your funds immediately when you use one. We have no control over this.  If you choose to pay by Paypal you will be redirected to paypal to complete the transaction. If you would like to pay in some other manner, please call us at 573-435-6060.

Paying By Pay Pal

We accept payments by Paypal, but do not immediately accept payment. Your payment will be accepted when we are ready to ship. While you do NOT have to have a confirmed address through Paypal, we may call you to confirm prior to shipment. To expedite processing, please first check your Paypal account and confirm your address with them prior to ordering.

I don't like using my credit card on the net. What do I do?

Please allow us to make you comfortable. We proudly display the Authorizenet Seal of security, and McAfee Hacksersafe protection. This means that not only are your transactions protected, but the website is protected from hackers getting into personal information once you have entered it. Our site is tested daily to be sure it is safe and secure by an independent program from McAfee. But we'd be more than happy to call YOU to take your order if that would help. Just send an email to cat_bat@msn.com. Or call us at 573-435-6060. We'll take care of the rest!

How do you protect my credit information?

Excellent question! First, all orders go thru our merchant account which is protected by secure encryption. We are a verified Authorizenet Secure Merchant as evidenced by the seal at the foot of every page. No one ever sees your credit card information as it goes thru our processor. In addition, your confirmation excludes this information so you never have to worry about anyone else seeing your credit card information. Our credit card fraud detection software has special filters to help detect possible fraudulent transactions. We have procedures in place, such as calling you if an order comes in requesting shipment to an address other than the one registered to your card. But if you are ever in doubt, just call us. We are happy to take your information by phone if this makes you more comfortable.  

I'm not sure about the color or style. How can I get more info?

Please send an email to simplyquiltcrazy@gmail.com or call 573-435-6060. We'll be happy to help you with a decision. We can also help you coordinate other patterns that might compliment a pattern, when the accessories for the item you want are not available or if you just want a fresh look! In some cases swatches are available, so don't hesitate to ask!

I live in Canada. What are your policies about shippping to Canada?

We ship to Canada the most economical way, unless you request a particular service. Depending on weight and size, this may be Air Parcel Post, Global Express Mail or Global Priority Mail. While we can ship Federal Express or UPS, these are usually too costly, however, you are welcome to request any service you prefer. Shipping charges on your order to Canada should be considered an estimate. We reserve the right to adjust your bill if the cost exceeds this estimate. In most cases the estimate is higher than actual and shipping charges are adjusted DOWNWARD. However, if the amount is more than $10.00 above what we have estimated, we will attempt to contact you before shipping. Backorders to Canada will not be shipped at no charge, as they are in the US. If we have a backorder you will be given a choice of shipping complete or paying additional shipping for the backorder(s). If we are unable to reach you, we will do our best to ship complete, or partial ship if the time frame appears to be excessive, at our discretion. As always, please let us know if you have special instructions you would like us to follow. Insurance is provided to the border, but we cannot guarantee shipments beyond that point. Duties and taxes are your responsibility, and if not paid may be considered undeliverable. Undeliverable merchandise (regardless of reason) will be abandoned and we cannot refund a purchase that has been abandoned. We will provide you with customs document numbers and if applicable tracking numbers. It is up to you to trace your shipment beyond the border.

Do you ship to countries other than the US & Canada?

Yes we do! International shipments are sent via Priority Mail International. While we have shipping rates set up for some countries, for others we do not. If shipping charges have been automated for your country, they will display on the verification page of your order, before you submit it. If the shipping charges have not been set up, no shipping amount will display. This does not mean that we ship to other countries free of charge. Instead, your shipping will be estimated and we will attempt to contact you via email with the estimate if your shipping does not automatically calculate. You can choose not to go forward with the order if the shipping is not to your liking. International shipments vary in price. We use our best information at the time to give you an estimate. In most cases, the shipping estimate will be higher than the actual shipping charges. We adjust shipping charges down to the actual cost at the time of shipment to you. If we do not hear from you otherwise, we will assume the estimate is acceptable and will ship when your order is ready.

How do I track my order

At the top of each page there a link to order tracking. Click the link and enter your complete order number. 

Trade Discounts

We can ship business to business. Please call us for details.