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Parker Quilt, Rustic Quilt Bedding by VHC Brands

Parker Quilt, Rustic Bedding by VHC Brands


Visually stunning, this quilt marries the classic Trip Around the World quilt pattern with log cabin blocks, studded with patchwork primitive stars. The quilt features an expertly crafted stitch in the ditch hand-quilt technique on rich burgundy, deep navy and natural shade micro plaid cotton. The quilt reverses to navy and natural shade micro plaid fabric.  This is a patchwork quilt. It is hand-quilted and machine pieced. The quilt patten uses the stitch in the ditch hand quilt technique on various burgundy, navy, and natural micro plaid cotton fabrics while the plaid fabric on each of the log cabin quilt blocks creates an eye catching Trip Around the World quilt pattern.  This gorgeous quilt has 100% cotton batting and a straight edge with .5" navy and natural micro plaid binding. The quilt and accessories are offered from the quilt collections of VHC Brands.